Our classic, high-intensity CrossFit classes are where you will perform varied, functional movements. These include conditioning exercises such as running, rowing and box jumps. In addition, a mix of strength movements including powerlifting, olympic weighlifting and kettlebells are added in.


Our Sweat class keeps the CrossFit methodology, without the use of weightlifting movements. You will still be getting intense workouts, however, we’ve kept out the barbell for those who wish to just get their sweat on.

Open Gym

During Open Gym, there will be a CrossFit Coach on site. Members will be able to choose the workout they want to do, and will most likely work independently of others in the class. You may come with your own planned workout, or you can do the Workout of the Day that is written for other class times.


We require all new members to complete our Elements program. Elements is a 3 one-hour introductory class where you will learn a series of movements that are regularly performed in our CrossFit classes. We encourage this program not only to familiarize each member with CrosssFit movements, but also for our coaches to get to know you on a personal level in a more intimate setting. This will help us get a full understanding of your fitness level, and will help ease you into our daily classes. To get started with our Elements program, please contact us to Schedule your first class.