LIFE IS SHORT. Take care of yourself and do stuff that matters!!

Our business and personal philosophy is that giving back is an integral part of who we are. Our love for the CrossFit community trickles over to the Long Beach community and those in need.

You will notice that all of our pricing ends with an extra $1. This is how we plan to “Give Back” to local organizations in need. We will take $1 from every monthly membership fee and match it with $1 of our own. So we will donate a total $2 for every member we have each month. One member will be asked at the end of every month to select a charity from the list below. We pledge to do this for all 12 months of the year. Members will be selected randomly.

Michelle O’Neill Foundation –

Surfer’s Healing –

Long Beach Waterfront Warriors –

LB Polar Bear Plunge –

Ruff House Rescue –

Long Beach Christmas Angel –

Our membership rates are as follows

Month to Month (no commitment)


3 Month Unlimited CrossFit


Full Time Students, First Responders & Military


Pay by the CrossFit Class – $25 to drop in

$195/10 Classes

Pay By the Sweat Class – $20 to drop in

$155/10 Classes

One-on-One Personal Training

$90 an hour

  • $800/10 sessions, $1400/20 sessions



  • $99 for 3 one-hour sessions

Elements + 1 Month Membership


  • $99 + $166 = $265 value

Anyone interested in attending a free trial class, please call or email us so that we can expect you.