Jess found CrossFit back in Janurary 2011. After struggling with her weight, she wanted to find a workout she would enjoy doing and see the results she wanted. She sought out a local box, and immediately signed up! As she got more and more into it, she fell in love with the friendly, yet competitive atmosphere. Being an athlete her whole life, she knew that the slightly competitive edge of CrossFit would keep her focused on her goals. More importantly than the competition, she loved the community in CrossFit. Friends she made working out quickly became family. Her whole demeanor changed since starting CrossFit. There were so many positive changes in her life such as weight loss and a new outlook on health and wellness, she met positive and like minded people, and felt like she was a part of something so big and special. After a couple of years doing CrossFit she decided she wanted to get her Level 1 Certificate so she could coach others and lead others through their fitness journey. After coaching for a while, she came to the realization that this was what she wanted to do for a living. She wanted to be able to teach others about health, fitness, and wellness. To help others reach their goals is the most fulfilling thing for her.